About Olga


I began my journey long ago, in Siberia in the coldest month of the year.  From the start I felt that my soul was dancing on the highest mountain, with the radiant star above my head. In the frozen silence of the Siberian winter, I knew that I was protected by some life force.

In my early childhood, experienced deep loneliness as a result of my parents’ separation. Later, at the age of eleven, I nearly died of a serious illness. When these experiences passed, I felt as if I had risen again, and had emerged from the northern night into the warm rays of the bright Sun. At the age of twelve my spiritual journey began. It seemed to me that I had been given the keys to a secret knowledge, which I could unlock through reading the stars and other symbols. I was set on my path.

Later I uncovered the truly deep knowledge: look inside yourself, and never outside. Only by unlocking the door to your own heart can you know the deep secret, the true love. I have discovered that my true love was my son, my baby boy.

My personal journey deepened at the time when my ‘love story’ collapsed and became a journey towards a love of the self. The life towers that I had built, and treasures which I had kept – these things turned out to be worthless. I am now living a new freedom, and understanding life better than ever before. I have realised that a new reality will begin when we finally overcome all the limitations of biology, time, space and incarnation. The time has come when we can escape our conventional thinking and our concrete reality. Existence is becoming multi-dimensional. The Soul is looking for its true home. The pilgrimage has begun.

My Story

My heritage consists of hundreds of Jewish stories, passed on to me by my mama, grandmother and my aunt. To this inheritance I would add my experience of making a new life in Britain – of births and deaths, marriage and divorce, and surviving it all. My son Jacob was born in 1998; through this I learned so much about love and compassion and the beauty of being a parent.

I was born in the polar night in Norilsk, Siberia, where the balance between night and day is six months rather than twelve hours. But most of my childhood was spent in sunny Odessa, a city on the Black Sea coast that is famous for storytellers and its Jewish wit. My family moved to Moscow when I was seven. At college I studied art and architecture, and moved to London in 1988. This was in the midst of perestroika, when things were changing in the USSR. Nevertheless, I was amazed when the Berlin Wall came down following year. The rest of my family – mum, dad and my sister – moved to Germany soon after.

During my first years in London I found work as as an artist and an illustrator. I now organise workshops, curate arts and heritage projects, and run various self-development courses and events. For many years I have worked in close partnership with spiritual writers and teachers such Ilya Belyaev, Alexander Sviyash, Grigory Topolyansky, and Yuri Skripchenko.

Besides my charitable work I’ve been studying colour therapy with Theo Gimbel, who has a truly revolutionary spirit in his heart and is considered to be a leader in the field of energy therapy. I am now teaching colour therapy, and I do healing with flower essences that have been produced by my friend and mentor Rosemary Hanson.

Prem Bodhi (blessed by love and enlightenment) is the name I was given in 2005 by the teacher Arun, who is an Osho follower and whose centre is based in Nepal.