Colour Therapy

Colour therapy chakras and spinal chart analysis

Now it’s time to take our multi-coloured personalities to a higher dimension!
The colours as symbols correspond to emotions and  activate the right part of the brain. As we shed old patterns we become closer to who we truly are.
Colour therapy and Spinal chart analysis brings awareness of your hidden qualities. These bring emotions back to balance, encouraging the flow of life and let go of stubborn patterns and traumas. As a result we adapt easier, become more flexible and harmony is restored.
During the consultation a personal spinal chart will be made and analysed and any blockages identified. The chart shows the exact vertebra and chakras which are not functioning properly.
Then I will take you on a journey of ‘undoing’. Your chakras will be cleared from outlived energies, old ideas and old concepts of the world.  I will then imprint the energies of suitable vibration on to your body using silks, spring pendulum or drum journeying.
During the consultation personal spinal chart will be made and analysed.
The blockages will be identified. The chart will show the exact vertebras and chakras which are not functioning properly.

*This consultation is well combined with the Flower essences



*Consultations can be done 1-2-1, on the phone or Skype

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