Flower Remedies

Flower Remedies and Organic High Vibration EssencesPear (for information card)

This is the most extraordinary teaching of Energy Medicine  remedies in today’s world. You are getting so in tune with your subtle energies… You come to the realisation that we are much bigger than the physical body. Taking the essences is like drinking dew from flowers. Learning about them, you begin the journey into different dimensions and out of 3-D reality.  There are 12 rays and 144 Essences. This knowledge is based on Limelight Essences brand. It’s the most powerful up-to-date spiritual teaching and consulting tool which will get you closer to the needs of your soul and the heart of this planet.

Red Ray. For being incarnated on planet Earth
Orange Ray. Emotions, and how to transform them. (rage, guilt, blame, envy, apathy, bitterness)
Yellow Ray. Identity. Personality. Acceptance. Integration.
Green Ray. The Door to Well-Being. The vibrancy of Life. Saying Yes
Turquoise Ray. Talents and hidden resources. Money
Blue Ray. Path finder.
Purple Ray. Twin Flame and Serendipity.
Pink Ray. Heart matters. Goddesses and our feminine side.
Colour White. Ascension Masters, and Avatars.
Silver Ray. Life between lives. Proper Reincarnation this time.
Golden Ray. Communication and golden opportunities.
Crystal Ray. Return to Father. Reclaim your power. You are the leader,
You are the creator of your destiny.

The course ‘The Ladder of Illumination’ combines the learning the Essences  and consultation based on Colour spine analysis.

About history of the Essences

Personal_Flower_essenceThe 19th century psychologist and doctor Edward Bach pioneered a new method of helping his patients. He believed that well-being comes from emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. He discovered a simple method of preparing the water by charging it with plants and sunlight, which has became  a very popular holistic tool today.
The world is offering to us – flowers, animals, crystals, clouds, planets – they all have its own energy force. The whole Universe is supporting us and healing us!
There hundreds of brands of different essences, remedies and tinctures is on offer today. I am using a specific brand – Limelight Essences which is produced by Rosemary Hanson who has been my friend, teacher and a healer for many years.