Private consultations

Tarot Consultation

The consultation gives insights to your current situation. You ask a question and cards give the answers.

The ‘Consultant’ is establishing the connection between you and ‘The Cards’. Taro interpretation sequences depends on the Consultant’s life experiences and level of their awareness.

Chakras and spinal chart analysis. Colour therapy

Chakra-CorrespondenceDuring the consultation personal spinal chart will be made and analysed.

The blockages will be identified. The chart will show the exact vertebras and chakras which are not functioning properly.

Flower and Nature Essences

Taking the essences is like drinking the dew from the flowers. This knowledge is based on Limelight Essences brand followed from Dr.Edward Bach and Bach Flower remedies known from 19th century

*Consultations can be done 1-2-1, on the phone or Skype