Tarot psychology consultation


This is a one-to-one tarot based consultation designed to bring insight and clarity into your current situation.

When you have a Tarot session you are entering the world of living images. The pictures become alive, they awaken forgotten knowledge and your personal memories. Symbols and colours activate  the right brain therefore the task of the ‘Consultant’ is to establish the connection between you and ‘The Cards’. Further Tarot interpretation sequences depend on the Consultant’s life experiences and level of their awareness.

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic reading and Drum journey to meet with Higher self. You will learn how to meet with you Guides and receiving answers to your questions from  ‘Their’ presence.This consultation opens up the possibility for self-insights, to get in touch with your talents and ancestral patterns.

This reading will reveal: Who you are. Why are you here. Your personal archetypal journey for the year.

Tarot psychology training course


This course is an in-depth expansion of the meanings of symbols. It is said that Swiss psychologist Carl Jung discovered “the internal Tarot” of the human mind with his notion of archetypes. And it could be also argued that Tarot was already an underlying layer of the collective mind, which is where archetypes are printed. Those fundamental images that constitute the psychic constellation of the human being. Each card represents a symbolic environment, and step-by-step, we discover our hidden resources and the best course of action. They are combined in a certain way, and with the training you will be learning to systematise the imagery.  Opening the greater intuition, you understand the ‘formula of life’ – the Archetypal knowledge of Human existence.  By the time you integrate this knowledge, you will understand your personal history and will become the master of your own life!